Shells with Huge potential

CEO/Board, David He

Shares Outstanding 3,461,022

Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.

December 20, 2022, FCCC, Inc. (‘we,’ ‘us,’ Company, entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the controlling interest in Amerihe Group ("Amerihe"), a C-Corp incorporated in the state of California, which is expected to accelerate the growth and market share for both companies, in strategic markets. Amerihe is primarily involved in import/export of rice, grains, and related agricultural products from South East Asia.  The management team has over 30 years experience in the South-East Asian Market, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare supplies, and agricultural products. FCCC, Inc. has offered Amerihe Group $15,000 USD to acquire the controlling shareholding in Amerihe Group and commitment to retain existing management.

Subsequently, the Company seeks to file disclosure statements and file for non-shell status.

"Currently, we are in preparation for RTO to NASDAQ and have engaged attorneys and auditors to begin the process.

Please stay tuned for NASDAQ listing updates and news"


Public listed companies with no operating business
or liabilities (ideal case) Also known as Shells
Check regularly for additions/updates

Shell Stocks are publicly traded corporations, all that exists of the original company is its corporate shell structure. The company should have  no assets or liabilities, a public company that no longer has any business and just retains capital structure and reporting status. Many private companies like to reverse merge with a Shell and become public themselves. Since the public company changes it's name to reflect the private, this merger gives us the reverse situation, thus the term "reverse merger"