Shells with Huge potential

AHAG (.0637 last)
Alpha Technologies Group
Outstanding Shares 7,110,336

CEO Lawrence Butler

Job Titles:
Managing Member of PrivateShares2
Lawrence Butler is an entrepreneur with a combination of financial and operating experiences in various industries including, real estate, marketing and advertising, private equity and venture capital. Currently, Lawrence is Chairman and CEO of Awestruck Marketing Group, an experiential marketing and advertising company. Lawrence is a Venture Partner with the VC firm Navitas Capital. Navitas is a specialized VC firm based in Los Angeles focused on technology investments in the real estate and construction sectors. Lawrence is the Managing Member of PrivateShares2, LLC, a private investment fund that purchases the securities of late-stage, pre-IPO private companies. He is also a private investor in several commercial real estate ventures in California, New York and Nevada. Lawrence received a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. from University of California at Los Angeles.

Public listed companies with no operating business
or liabilities (ideal case) Also known as Shells
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Shell Stocks are publicly traded corporations, all that exists of the original company is its corporate shell structure. The company should haveĀ  no assets or liabilities, a public company that no longer has any business and just retains capital structure and reporting status. Many private companies like to reverse merge with a Shell and become public themselves. Since the public company changes it's name to reflect the private, this merger gives us the reverse situation, thus the term "reverse merger"